Common Mistakes of Home Buyers

Common Mistakes of Home Buyers

Understanding the home buying process and the current market buyers are shopping in is crucial to a successful purchase. Avoid the most common mistakes and don’t miss out the home of your dreams!

  • Know your numbers before you look at a house!!

ALWAYS get preapproved before shopping for a house. If you ask, your lender should be willing to provide an estimate for you before you begin your search. Don’t know of a lender? Call us for a recommendation of a trusted lender. A $300,000 home sounds beautiful, but what does that mean for you monthly? Does if fall in line with your monthly expenses? Do you know how much closing help you need. If not find out. Figure out what works monthly and then work it backwards. Knowing what you can afford upfront will make for a better negotiation and experience.

  • If you love the house WRITE A REAL OFFER!
  • My friend got a steal on house and want the same steal!

What does a great deal mean to you? Another mistake home buyers make is assuming they will get the same “deal” their friend got. 9 times out of 10, they only have half the story and it’s in another market. So I ask again, what does a great deal mean to you?

  • Waiting too long to decide to write an offer
  • Beware when bringing family and friends (not on the mortgage) to showings

This is a big decision and having people close to you help with the decision can be helpful or it can hurt. I’ve seen both. Be sure to sit with your us and discuss home needs and goals. Homes being shown should match this conversation between you and your REALTOR. Everyone has an opinion, including those very close to you and the very things you love in a home, your friends and family may not. Don’t let that discourage you from pursuing the home.

These are just to name a few mistakes home buyers make when buying a home.

What’s next? Give us a call to set up a consultation!

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