Kids Around The World

service event

Kids Around The World

Kids Around The World Service Event

Sunday, May 21st from 2-4pm

Event Info

RSVP below and help package food!

Sunday, May 21 from 2-4pm at Mandeville Park, Laguna Hills

*arrive anytime, stay as long as you can*

Kids welcome!

Questions? Call/Text 949-416-6833

Watch this video to see what the event will be like!

Half of the world’s population of children is in poverty—victims of war, natural disasters, injustice, and economic stress. Many of them die from malnutrition, or are physically and emotionally stunted. Over 66% of the world’s population can’t read, learning instead through spoken word. They feel hopelessly trapped within their socioeconomic boundaries, without vision for the future.

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