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Timing plays an important role in real estate, especially if you are on the buying end. Inevitably, you could get in a seller’s market which might put you a little bit on the edge.

But don’t panic. There are tips that you can apply to get you through the tough competition and the unforeseeable traps in a hot real estate market. Just avoid these 5 buyers’ mistakes when treading a seller’s market:

Acting out of desperation

As much as possible, avoid smelling desperate as home sellers have their senses on maximum blast¬†ready to take advantage any time. But more importantly, being on the desperate end could make your decision-making clouded and possibly result to impulsive and unwise decisions. You might end up talking yourself into a certain property that weren’t really within your original budget orspecifications.

Stick to your goals and don’t be easily swayed by the pressure of a hot real estate market. Let agents know of the kind of listing that you are looking for and ask them to give you a heads up when they find a similar listing.


Come to the battle prepared. Before walking into an open house, see to it that you have all the necessary papers and requirements prepared should you find the need to make an offer at that very moment. And of course, the essential loan approval that a home seller is always looking for in a potential home buyer.

Ignoring the market entirely

Timing the market and making your buying decision solely on this factor is almost impossible. This is why it’s a better path to make a decision based on your situation such as your family, career, and life. However, this also doesn’t mean that you ignore the market entirely. Be able to mix both sides and find a common ground to help you make an informed and wise decision while also keeping a balance of your personal needs and the market’scurrent trend.

Financial fogginess

Don’t count the numbers in your head and stick your fingers in the wind when trying to assess your income, loan payments, bills, and other matters that involve money. It is important that you know how much you can afford especially when you will need to make decisions regarding a price range or your price offer on a short notice.


Bidding wars is almost always a scenario especially in hot markets. And when you have had enough of a property taken out of your reach from a bidding war, it gets tempting to go for a price that’s not really within your original budget.

Avoid making that real estate mistake by working with your agent on looking at comparable homes. You may end up paying less for a property that’s more than what you were willing to overpay for with just extra patience and wise decision making.




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