Life in Rancho San Juan

Nestled in San Juan Capistrano, Rancho San Juan is a peaceful community backed by rolling hills and just a short drive away from the ocean. Rancho San Juan is a gorgeous area that has so much to offer! Beautiful hiking trails, historical landmarks and so much more are at your doorstep in Rancho San Juan.



Mission San Juan Capistrano

The “Jewel of the Missions” has been the center of Orange County since its founding by Padre Junipero Serra on November 1, 1776. The Mission’s namesake was Giovanni de Capestrano, who was born in 1386. He was a respected warrior and missionary, who died October 23, 1456. He was canonized in 1690, and was a favorite of Father Junipero Serra. Serra, in 1776, gained permission to name one of the missions after Capestrano.

Today it is one of California’s most important historical, cultural, and educational centers. The Mission is the seventh of 21 Spanish Missions established in California by Franciscan Padres. Spain controlled California until 1821, when Mexico won its independence. In 1845, the Mission was sold for $710 to Don Juan Forster. His family lived at the Mission for 20 years. In 1865, Abraham Lincoln returned the Mission to the Catholic Church. In 1915, Mary Pickford was married in the Mission chapel.

San Juan Capistrano City Hall

City Hall is located in the west side of the City, down the street from the San Juan Post Office, at 32400 Paseo Adelanto.

San Juan Capistrano is unique in Orange County and a rarity in California, a community whose foundation was laid by the earliest people to inhabit the land, and a community still evolving after more than 220 years. From its historic Mission and Los Rios Street to its vibrant trails, train depot and quaint downtown, the City of San Juan Capistrano offers a bevy of historic, entertaining and distinctive locales for tourists.

Oso Creek Trail

The Oso Creek Trail Started in April 1997 as a community collaboration where volunteers gather in late spring to celebrate the Earth and the arts of Mission Viejo. The trail is nestled along the riparian corridor of the Oso Creek Valley and conveniently connects residences to City Facilities.  The Oso Creek Trail has allowed many visitors to become exposed to the wonderful plant and animal life that exist along the trail and to experience the local eco system at work. This beautiful creek naturally flows from north of the Santa Ana Mountains and eventually joins the Trabuco Creek and ultimately flows to the Pacific Ocean.


San Juan is well known as an equestrian destination, drawing those relocating to California and especially Orange County to our town due to the large concentration of stables, boarding facilities. The following link regarding trail information is provided as a courtesy, if you experience problems downloading this very large file, call the City at 949-493-1171 to purchase a printed trail map showing miles of trails.

Neighborhood Tract Maps

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